The YSL Platform Sandal

October 28, 2009

I’m just going to put it out there; I love this shoe! In all its glossy, patent and colorful glory from summer, to its subdued hues for fall.  This is a rockin’ shoe and the public knows it.  It has been knocked-off so many times I don’t even think the shoe knows its name anymore.  But the original is a fantastic work of wonderful art.  Now, this shoe is not for women who are afraid of heights, with its 5″ heel and 1 and 1/2″ platform base.  They make your legs look amazing and your behind too.  The women who typically make this purchase have the bankroll for a fab outfit to boot.  The wearer must have an air of confidence and ooze ‘I’m fabulous.’  This woman holds her head up high and commands a room when she walks in.  She has poise and grace, but flare as well since she is walking in statement shoes.  This may seem similar the Louboutin and it is, but this woman has more pizzaz.  The YSL is incredibly distinctive from all angles, not simply the bottom.  People in the room are going to know at a quick glance what the shoe is rather than getting a red peek when she walks.  This shoe also carries a different kind of power because it has a more funky look and isn’t so traditional.  The wearer has style even if she’s only showing it with a little black dress and burgundy YSL.  That’s the strength the shoe (and the woman) posses.  She has a need to be noticed not simply seen and she makes no qualms about expressing that.  She is outspoken, in control and always knows what she wants.  Because of the essence of power that comes from the shoe sees herself as a powerful person and thinks it’s important for people to understand that.  This probably is seeded in her position at work and translates into relationships at home.  As she is perched high above the world on her platforms, so is she in life.  She is one to be admired and listened to.  You might be thinking, ‘how can you tell all this from a shoe?’ Just think about the attitude this inanimate possesses and then watch the women who wear it.  You’ll see for yourself that I’m right.


The Chuck Taylor

October 26, 2009

If you’re young and kind of a hipster you probably own a pair of Chuck Taylors.  Since I’ve never been the bearer of this style I always look at it with baited curiosity since a lot of different people pull off the look everyday.  For me, there’s a bit a rebellion in the shoe.  I’ll see it paired – for men – with tight jeans, slacks all the way to suits.  Either they’re trying to say “I’m edgy,” or they don’t own a decent pair of dress shoes, my money is on the latter.  These boys, and yes I did say boys, give off an inherent sense of ‘I may not be cool, but these shoes will say different,’ which I find counter-intuitive.  How can a shoe make a person cool? Ahh, but they can, in so many ways it would take days to explain.  To dig a little deeper, the shoe isn’t expensive, but has an inherent style that’s been around for years.  It carries a presence that transfers onto the wearer with ease.  This person is probably lacking in confidence even if it’s just a bit.  Most of them aren’t what you would call “mainstream,” and they most definitely have an artsy background.  They think they’re being individual and non-conformist in their choice of footwear, when that’s absolutely the opposite.  They are conforming to what the shoe is, ergo, they represent that ideology (if it can be called that).  I have nothing against the Chuck wearers, I just believe that they should be comfortable with who they are and draw that “coolness” out of themselves, not the one pair of shoes they own.

The Socks with Sandals

October 20, 2009

OK, most people understand that this is a major faux pas in the fashion world, but I still see countless people parading around with their sandals on and socks proudly showing.  I have been trying to figure this phenomenon out for years, but I don’ think I’m any closer now then when I began my investigation.  The look screams bad taste, but what does it say about the person either bold enough, or stupid enough to wear it?  With my judgmental eye, it kind of feels like wearing a belt and suspenders at the same time…this person has security issues.  They want to wear something open and breezy, but just don’t have the cojones to expose what little skin would be showing.  There has to be an issue, somewhere deep inside that says, ‘NO! I l not bear myself.’  This could stem from any different reason, but it is understood that this individual is probably guarded, cautious and insecure to name a few.  The stereotype is to see Asian tourists with the sock and sandal look going, but look at their culture and tell me my assessment is incorrect.  They are very proper, strict, where rule and respect are king.  They are more cautious, introspective and keep their emotions well guarded or ‘in check’. To me this is a one and done, obvious close to the sock and sandal discussion, but that’s only my opinion and I have been wrong upon occasion (though I don’t think so this time).

The Louboutin Pump

October 8, 2009

The Louboutin PumpI have to admit, the idea of the coveted Louboutin is something that has been written about to death, but there is a reason I picked this particular shoe.  For a bit of context, I was at the after party for the Couples Retreat screening at Cuvee on Tuesday.  Vince and Malin were there along with several Bears and Blackhawks.  Of course socialites abound wearing amazing shoes, but not so many Louboutins.  I saw maybe two pairs at the party, but at an exclusive dinner after is where I got to stare at a lovely pair of his ankle booties.  They were gorgeous and simple, but that’s what makes them beautiful.  My question then was, why did so few women wear the quintessential shoe of luxury?  I’m not sure if I’ll figure that puzzle out, but I can tell you what this amazing work of art does for the woman wearing it.  The Louboutin is, without question, the most powerful shoe.  With the sumptuous leather and classic red soles, you can spot a pair from a block away.  The statement here is ‘I have money,’ since the cheapest pair costs about $750.  But wearing this shoe isn’t that simple.  Money can’t give you the poise to pull this off.  The wearer must be confident because everyone (and I mean that) will be looking at your feet.  These women are beautiful, graceful, social and talkative.  They know how to work a room.  They also aren’t showy.  They know when to step back and let others shine.  There is a dichotomy, but this woman must possess extraverted and introverted qualities.  Since the Louboutin is the quintessential shoe, the wearer must be the quintessential lady.  Yes, there are women that act like they’re special when these shoes are on their feet, but that is out of character with the shoe.  There has to be an understanding that the shoe has a personality of its own and it cannot be ignored.  Christian created these shoes to enhance the beauty of women and make them feel luxurious all day long.  The wearer must respect what the shoe represents and act accordingly.  Regardless the history, the Louboutin makes every woman who puts one on more in control of her surroundings, and she is better for it.

Woven Espadrille

October 1, 2009

Sorry my post is so late this week, life has gotten in the way of my bloggin’.  So, have you seen these women walking around in the skinny jean and woven wedge espadrille? They are everywhere! I understand that Jimmy Choo does it, so it must be chic, but I’m not lovin’ the look, nor what I think it says about the wearer.  This is a look that says I’m trying to be trendy, but I still want to look relaxed and laid back.  This is a complete dichotomy to me.  Even though the woman rockin this shoe may be in touch with her own style, the espadrille points me to beach wear, not street wear.  This woman needs to have self confidence and the ability to take criticism without blinking an eye.  She’ll probably pair the shoe with something more casual, which signifies her desire to be seen as a relaxed person, but still wants others to think she’s trendy.  This may be her best shot at seeming fashionable, and not really care that the trend is worn out.  The woven aspect reminds me of my mothers’ wicker furniture, which brings a feeling of comfort and home to the shoe.  Maybe that’s something the wearer feels at the subconscious level? All in all, this is something that an individual with a style desire will wear.  They want the attention, maybe deeper down then on the surface, but they want people to look and notice.  What they get may be positive or negative, but it’s in their blood to not care too much as long as they seem ‘with the times’.


September 24, 2009

I was walking in my fabulous pair of Celine platform wedges and thought, ‘maybe I should start this whole thing off by talking about myself?’  I thought that was a good idea, so here I am.  I put in two pictures so you get an idea of what I’m talking about.  These shoes are bold, stong colors and design.  They are not for the faint of heart.  Delving deep into my soul I thought about the first time I saw the shoes.  They were perched atop a small pedestal on a white table in Nordstrom, beckoning to me.  I approached with caution and took one into my hand.  The feeling was overwhelming, they would be mine.  They were priced high, but I don’t believe that to be a deterrent.  If something is loved enough, you’ll find a way to buy it, which is what I did.  This type of love is something that evolves.  When you put it on for the first time and stand in front of that mirror the emotion begins to swell.  As you pace slightly, something begins to tingle and come into focus inside your body.  When you first walk down the street the reactions begin and you get to see what type of emotion the shoe pulls out of people.  The looks get more noticeable and you begin to grow with the shoe and feel what kind of person it is making you that day.  It is a progressive growth that you do together, with the shoe.  It will tell you more about yourself than you even realized when you had that first visceral reaction.  It is subconscious and pure in its simplicity.  But what do these shoes say about me?  They are bold, strong and daring.  They take skill to walk in because of how high the heel is.  The shoe demands confidence and poise, they don’t allow for the shy to be the wearer.  They also say ‘look at me!’ very distinctly, and the wearer (i.e. me) has to want the attention.  They truly speak to my very core.  Today I am strong, unafraid, demanding, image conscious and want to be noticed.  I take risks that I know will pay off, and my Celine’s do.  They are beautiful shoes that make me feel beautiful because of them.  They do the job I intended them to; make people look, notice and judge.  I always say I don’t care what people say about me, and for the most part I don’t.  These shoes command a thought and I honestly don’t care if it’s good or bad as long as it’s something.  These shoes are all about getting looks, and when I put them on I walk a bit taller and have a ‘go ahead, stare’ look on my face.  That is what I want, that is who I am today, and that is what they accomplish.

Welcome to my world

September 24, 2009

As an undisputed lover of fashion, I belive that what we put on our bodies says something about us.  Take shoes (which incase you haven’t figured it out is what my blog is about).  Let’s contemplate what they say about the wearer.  I know all the excuses, “it’s about comfort,” right…”it’s what’s practical,”  uh-huh.  That’s all rubbish.  No matter what you put on your feet, that choice undoubtably says something about you as a person and who you are that day.  Why did you pick the dark brown clog instead of the suede loafer?  It’s about personality, done.  What I plan on exploring as the leaves change and women trade in their sling-backs for pumps, is what a shoe says about you.  Deep down in your psyche, in the depths of your subconscious, everything you put on is telling the world who you are, what you’re all about and, even though you may disagree emphatically, how you want people to perceive you.  This is beautiful nonverbal communication and should be investigated.  SO, welcome to my glorious pursuit of the correlation between shoes and personality, hope you enjoy the ride.